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Nice character design, good animation, good quality audio. Very enjoyable on technical terms

But i didnt find it funny at all. It was freaking boring. If it wasnt for hot Zone, this wouldnt be interesting at all.

A "Pokemon Parody"-Parody, kind of?
I thought it was okay for what it was. However, I dont think its necessary to express your discontent in that brutal kind of way. Not everyone can take this with humor, and you can see by all the hate you get for this, that you may have crossed a fine line between being satiric towards your targets and simply taking a huge shit on them.
If i didnt understand the vid in the way you wanted us to, then sorry, my bad.

Blordow responds:

look how easy it was for me to get 20,000 views though lol!

Im not sure if i got the plot or the message behind it (if there was one), but i still could enjoy it very well. To me the whole thing was like a personification of a boat, and it was cute and - and very much so - extremely well done. Diggin the 3d-effects of the background elements and the transitions between the scenes.

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The wings and the ability to fly makes this way too easy. I could have gotten an endless combo without any efforts.


Nice little game. But it gets boring pretty quickly.

Oh, and there was something wrong. After some time the floating clouds stopped moving and RD couldn't fly anymore. Bug?

Nice music, cool gameplay

I love games that correspond with music. I thought it was a little too trancy though^^
Its a nice gameplay and a nice choice of music. The "medium" levels are a little too easy, but "hard" is certainly a challenge.
It's a great feature that you can check out the musicians sites directly from the game. Good job.

Anyways, I enjoyed the gameplay and the music, so yeah: 9/10

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Such a wonky gnarly riff, especially the second part. Love it. Keeps the tension up, delivers power, while not taking itself too seriously.

This ones fun. The synths and the melodies say: "hello, kids! Let's get confetti and Robby Bubble." But the drums say, nah dude, this beat gonna mess you up, bro!

I liked it! Simple yet powerful! I can easily imagine a crowd dancing and getting hammered while this track plays on the main floor!


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