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This ones fun. The synths and the melodies say: "hello, kids! Let's get confetti and Robby Bubble." But the drums say, nah dude, this beat gonna mess you up, bro!

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I liked it! Simple yet powerful! I can easily imagine a crowd dancing and getting hammered while this track plays on the main floor!

immediately sets the mood
very good! As always.

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wow, cant wait for the finished song. Great vibes and ideas. Maybe go for an even more powerful build up to emphasize the drop/chorus a little bit more.

great work. Favd

The sounds for themselves sound pretty good already. Especially the drums. But you should try mixing it again, so that Bass Lead really stands out and that everything feels more like one whole thing. You might wanna try some side chain compression as well, to get that pumping effect.

fx0606 responds:

ok obelion thank's for you advice :-)

you put some unfitting sounds over Machine Gun (16 bit remix). Thats not that impressive, sorry.

Indigoflare responds:

I totally agree... and I'm the author!

Sounds really nice. But you should get your hands on some plug ins with a more natural piano and string sound.
With a nice warm piano sound, and a different set of strings this would be a very good track. Maybe remaster it, to add even more warmth to it, and glue it a little more together.

AtmanTheSeventh responds:




I has none of these.

Besides, the piano sounds pretty natural. The strings, I'll admit, aren't very.

Also, those SFZ Strings are intentional. Sort of. :/

Big ups for trying something new. minecraft-sounds sure have a very unique feeling to it. Great idea.
But, well, it's nothing more than a short idea at this rate. If you made it longer, structured it nicely, it could be a pretty good original song.

Sounds good. The vocals totally fit in and you created a good atmosphere around them. But it was a little messy in the chorus parts. Sometimes I wasn't sure what you planned to emphasize more, the pads or the basses. Also, how about a little sub bass to add that warmth and low end to your track?

It's a good song and I can tell that a lot of work went into it, but it could use maybe a little fine tuning here and there.

This is a really nice song. Good sounds, good voice samples (they add a good sense of humor to it xD), cool melodies.
But please spend a little more time on the master. It seems to be clipping. Really, it sounds distorted.
this is a 4/5. With proper audio quality, this would be an awesome song.

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freezwalm responds:

yes, most of my songs lack propper mastering, that's simply because I fucking suck at that part :-)

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