2017 Submissions

Moonlight (touhou, IN stg 5, kagome, remix) Dubstep Song
AI Drum N Bass Song
Eleven Dubstep Song
Do your thing House Song
Frust Dubstep Song
Malfunction Dubstep Song
ET Jam Dance Song

2016 Submissions

49th Floor Dubstep Song
Out of Sync Dubstep Song
Mother Nature Dubstep Song
Mushroom Cloud Drum N Bass Song
Swagda McYolo House Song
Graph Drum N Bass Song
Deconstructed Dubstep Song
900 Volt Drum N Bass Song
Boss Battle Theme (shorty) Video Game Song
Downphase Drum N Bass Song
Rain Check Dance Song
Korona Drum N Bass Song
Wastelands Dubstep Song
Fart In The Club Dance Song
Game Battle-Theme Video Game Song
Der Klapperbär Dubstep Song
Semen (rap beat) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Broken Condom (rap beat) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Embargo Drum N Bass Song
Konsequenz Dubstep Song
Ocular: Timeless (Remix) Dubstep Song
Slippery House Song
Invictous: Mexico (Remix) Dubstep Song
Gezeichnet Dubstep Song
Selbstzweck Drum N Bass Song

2013 Submissions

Succubus Drum N Bass Song
Biotech Dubstep Song
Microcosmos Drum N Bass Song
Sweatstains Dance Song
Camel Milk Chocolate Dance Song
That Day House Song
Spectral Mess House Song
Third Eye Remix Drum N Bass Song
No Posse Dance Song
Curiosity Kills Drum N Bass Song
Graphene Hip Hop - Modern Song
Shamanism Drum N Bass Song
Zebes 4 Hip Hop - Modern Song
Dunewalker (instrumental) Dubstep Song
Dunewalker (full) Dubstep Song
Scarlet Cheeks House Song
The Hard Way /)^3^(\ Drum N Bass Song
Whishes Drum N Bass Song
Instru Mental HopHip Beat Hip Hop - Modern Song

2011 Submissions

Exec utor Techno Song
Cralion House Song
Becca Techno Song